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Putin pal Lukashenko building luxury mansion in Russia with one mind-blowing feature

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell May21,2024

Belarus leader Aleksandr Lukashenko is splashing the cash, as he builds himself a luxury home in a much sought after location in southern Russia.

Putin’s pal would appear to be reaping the benefits of his close alliance with Russia and has now been given licence to build his very own Xanadu in the village of Krasnaya Polyana, near Sochi.

The Belarus dictator has faithfully stood by his Kremlin master, allowing Putin to use his airbases to launch attacks on Ukraine and to station and nuclear weapons on his territory.

And it would appear that Lukashenko has big plans for his new pleasure palace – in more ways than one.

The complex will include not just his residence but also a hotel, chalets and a restaurant where the Belarus President will entertain his close associates.

The buildings will be constructed on 97,248 square metres of land and will occupy an area of 7,374 square metres – a third of which will be taken up by Lukashenko’s pad.

The mansion comes kitted out with the usual attributes befitting an all powerful leader.

Some of these features will include a banqueting hall, a cinema, a swimming pool as well as a Russian and Turkish saunas.

But perhaps the most surprising item is to be found on the top floor of Lukashenko’s new retreat.

This will be the location of the master bedroom, complete with an ensuite bathroom containing an enormous bath tub measuring 20 square metres – big enough to fit a hippo.

The construction of the residence was revealed by Belpol – an association of former Belarusian security officials – working alongside journalists from the Polish media outlet Belsat.

Lukashenko is alleged to have a net worth of US$10 billion (£7.9m), according to information released by Wikileaks.

However, he has categorically denied being extremely wealthy and instead has always insisted he is a modest public servant with a salary to match.

“I want you to understand: I have been working as president for a quarter of a century, and if there were already some billions, as they say, or palaces, I would have already been torn to pieces from all sides,” he told journalists.

“I did not steal anything from my state, I did not take anything.”

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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2 thoughts on “Putin pal Lukashenko building luxury mansion in Russia with one mind-blowing feature”
  1. It is appalling to see Lukashenko, Putin’s ally, spending extravagant amounts on a luxurious mansion, especially considering the current political climate. The close ties between the two leaders seem to prioritize personal indulgence over the needs of their citizens. This opulent display only further highlights the disconnect between the ruling elite and the people they are supposed to serve.

  2. It’s outrageous how Lukashenko continues to indulge in extravagant luxuries while his people suffer under his oppressive regime. This lavish mansion is just another example of his abuse of power and resources.

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