Envision Logo

What’s it all about?

Envision Employment Services is a community based not for profit organisation that focuses on supporting and assisting longer term job seekers, through the provision of quality Work for the Dole.

All items made at Envision are donated back to those organizations in the community supporting some of the most marginalised and disadvantaged members.

Some of our the amazing Work:

  • Building clown’s head trailers and mini golf courses to assist organisations in the community wanting to fundraise
  • Stripping and refurbishing old caravans for organisations like the Salvation Army, schools and as community counselling/coffee vans
  • Making outdoor chess sets for schools
  • Putting murals together for community hubs
  • Rebuilding and configuring computers into game consoles for youth centres
  • Making decorative items, such as Christmas tree decorations, from recycled plastic bottle tops

Envision is committed to working with the community whilst ensuring we maintain a focus on recycling of material to play our role in reducing landfill, and assisting in keeping our environment clean for future generations.