Donations of goods

Envision is always requiring donations of certain goods to help us make the items we donated back to the community, particularly those in need.  We would love to receive:

Balls of wool to knit beanies, small teddies and small blankets for children in need locally and overseas.

Rolls of fabric to make so many things from bags for young animals, Boomerang style bags, clothing for overseas support projects.

Computers and Laptops to both refurbish and use as extra parts for the computers and laptops we are constantly donating to those struggling in the community including young families, students and migrants.

Metal moulds to support the amazing plastic bottle top recycling project.

Decent plywood to help us refurbish caravans and cubby houses plus make specific animal boxes for wildlife in peril.

To donate, all you need to do is make contact through our CONTACT form which is located on Contact and locations page.

Thank you for your support!