Target 5,000,000 – done!

We are pausing our program for the time being

Our initial goal was 1 million caps collected and saved from landfill. We increased this to 2 million as the public was very quick to collect these for us…. and we now estimate we have over 10 million caps.

We would like to thank everyone for their fantastic efforts in collecting the caps. We are excited to see how we can recycle these into useful items which will be donated.

As we now have so many caps, we do ask that you please no longer collect caps for Envision.

Next to plastic bags​, plastic bottle tops are one of the top polluters of the oceans and environment. They create micro beads which enter the food chain and pollute our beaches . With this project, with the help of Rotary and Lions, we will recycle millions of bottle tops and transform them into Disability Aids, STEM training tools, and Aged Care gadgets.

Beyond Tops

Unfortunately not all tops are created equal. Our team sort, clean and prepare the tops but of each million, probably only 20% to 50% of the tops will be used solely for the filament but the rest will not be wasted. We are working on a variety of products at various sites including outdoor tiles, portable disability ramps, slug traps and so much more.