Our Mission

At Envision we aim to facilitate the ongoing integration of significantly disadvantaged job seekers into the working community by supplying innovative, engaging and supportive work experiences which also engender strong personal growth and well being.

We support and assist community not for profit organizations, working with the most marginalized people via the donation of goods and services, to support their needs.

At Envision we strive to play our part in the reduction of the carbon footprint through using up-cycled and recycled materials wherever possible in the goods we make/refurbish.

Envision Creations

We create some breathtaking and life changing projects and initiatives including; re-building old caravans, making arcade games, portable mini golf courses and portable classrooms for special needs schools just to name a few. Throughout all our projects we constantly try to minimize our environmental impact through sourcing much of our raw materials from discarded items and materials. A significant part of our work takes discarded items and turns them into unique products, all of which are donated to the most needy and disadvantaged in the local community, around Australia and overseas.

Envision Training:

At Envision, we encourage the development of new skills in multiple areas. These include both soft skills such as communication, teamwork and interpersonal development and more technical skills including computer restoration, software development, woodwork, interior decoration, bicycle maintenance and so much more. We attempt to incorporate various skills through the diverse projects that we undertake to assist in preparing preparing our participants in entering the workforce

Envision Directors:

Sean Teer

Sean Teer

Employment History

23 years working in the employment sector as follows:

  • Disability Support Trainer and Employment Placement Officer
  • Disability Employment Service Regional Manager
  • Disability Program Marketing Manager
  • Job Search Contract Trainer for a number of organisations including Max Employment, Your Employment Solutions, Echo and AEIC
  • Envision since 2002, primarily as a CEO, placement supervisor and Director


  • Set up and ran Progressive Personnel –  First centrally based employer marketing service of its type in Australia for Disability Services
  • Author of a number of Articles and book on Job Seeking
  • National Finalist, Best Supervisor Work for the Dole Prime Minister’s Award 2005
  • Author of Self Development Book – Master the Art of Happiness

Stephen Murphy


Employment History

40 years working in Recruitment and HR functions:

  • State and Commonwealth Govt Departments
  • Multinational and local for profit and not for profit companies
  • 20 years Commonwealth Government employment programs including Job Network and Work for the Dole.