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Dramatic moment factory engulfed in flames as locals warned of ‘toxic gas’

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell May27,2024

This is the dramatic moment firefighters scrambled to a German chemical factory to tackle a massive fire as an official hazard notice of “toxic gas” is issued.

The fire department is urging residents living nearby of the “toxic fumes caused by the fire” after a chemical factory in southwest Berlin was “fully engulfed in flames”.

People are urged to avoid the scene and nearby homes in Berlin-Lichterfelde are told to keep their windows and doors shut as well as switch off ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Around 170 firefighters remained on the scene at 1pm BST to tackle the huge blaze. The fire, which started in a technical room on the first floor of the multi-story building, now engulfs the entire factory and can only be fought from the outside.

Specialists are currently carrying out air measurements to see whether there are any harmful substances in the air.

Berliners were warned via the NINA warning app (emergency information and news app) at midday to urgently take precautions and stay away from the area.

The fire department told residents that the cloud of smoke is currently moving north over the city.

It is expected that the cloud of smoke will move over Steglitz-Zehlendorf, Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, Spandau, Tegel, and also the west of Reinickendorf over Berlin.

There have been no reported injuries and the factory has been evacuated, local officials have said.

Several schools under the warning area have announced a temporary ‘lockdown’. All children must remain in the buildings with the windows locked.

The children are only permitted to leave if they are picked up by car. According to local broadcaster RBB, if the pupils cannot be picked up by car then they will have to spend the night at school.

A fire department spokesperson told the publication that there also are fears that toxic hydrogen cyanide could form in the factory, which stores chemicals including copper cyanide and sulfuric acid.


Tyler Mitchell

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2 thoughts on “Dramatic moment factory engulfed in flames as locals warned of ‘toxic gas’”
  1. It’s incredibly alarming to see the extent of the fire at the chemical factory in Berlin. The authorities must act swiftly to contain the situation and ensure the safety of the residents. Let’s pray that there are no harmful substances released into the air, and that everyone remains safe.

  2. It’s truly devastating to see such a catastrophic event unfold in a residential area. Let’s hope the firefighters are able to control the blaze and prevent any further harm to the residents. Safety precautions must be taken seriously to avoid any potential health risks.

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