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YouTuber charged after fireworks allegedly fired from helicopter at Lamborghini

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun3,2024

SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY, Calif. (TCD) — Officials arrested a 24-year-old YouTube personality this week after he allegedly directed a video in which fireworks were shot from a helicopter toward a speeding Lamborghini in rural San Bernardino County.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California, on July 4, 2023, Suk Min Choi, who also goes by Alex Choi, posted a video to his channel called, “Destroying a Lamborghini with Fireworks.” In it, two women flying a helicopter near the ground are seen shooting fireworks toward a sports car after Choi allegedly presses a “fire missiles” button. The video has since been taken down.

According to prosecutors, Choi filmed a “behind-the-scenes look” at how he shot part of the video, and he explains he coordinated the shoot and directed it. In the clip, Choi reportedly “thanks a camera company for ‘being a part of my crazy stupid idea,'” and he says the crew messed up at one point because Choi allegedly forgot to tell them “how to use a torch.”

According to the attorney’s office, Choi decided to end filming, stating, “We’re out of fireworks, right?” Choi also allegedly held an apparent firework near the helicopter in other parts of the video.

Prosecutors allege the YouTube personality shot the video in June 2023 even though he didn’t have the required permits to film fireworks on a helicopter. Investigators believe Choi bought the fireworks in Nevada since they were illegal in California.

On June 5, officials arrested Choi on one count of causing the placement of an explosive or incendiary device on an aircraft. He faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in federal prison if convicted.

Tyler Mitchell

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