Wife allegedly poisoned husband’s soda with weed killer because he didn’t appreciate his birthday party

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun27,2024

LEBANON, Mo. (TCN) — A 47-year-old woman was arrested after she was reportedly caught on video repeatedly poisoning her husband’s bottles of Diet Mountain Dew with weed killer because she wanted to be “mean” to him.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Michelle Peters’ husband met with a Laclede County Sheriff’s Office detective on June 24 and said his wife had been poisoning him. In early May, the husband, who was not identified, noticed that a 2-liter bottle of Diet Mountain Dew he kept in his garage refrigerator “had an odd taste.” The husband “ignored the taste and continued to drink it,” but he got sick soon after.

The affidavit says the husband developed a sore throat, nausea, and vomiting. He also began coughing up “brown/yellow thick mucus.”

In June, the husband drank Mountain Dew from a different bottle and said it tasted normal, but when he consumed the soda from his fridge at home, it was different.

The husband reportedly looked over video footage from the garage and allegedly saw Peters remove the soda from the refrigerator and carry it into the house with a bottle of Roundup weed killer. Then, the video allegedly shows Peters putting the Diet Mountain Dew back in the refrigerator and the Roundup on the shelf.

According to the affidavit, the husband “had become afraid for his life,” so he provided someone with the video footage and bottle of soda “in case he died from being poisoned.”

The husband started putting new bottles of Diet Mountain Dew in the refrigerator, and each time, Peters allegedly opened them and added Roundup. The victim brought the bottles to someone whose name was redacted. Additionally, he reportedly noticed a new bottle of the weed killer on the shelf. Video from June 23 allegedly showed Peters spiking the soda with insecticide.

Peters’ husband told the Laclede County detective he “was scared for his life” but had not visited a doctor yet. He said his symptoms had mostly subsided except for a sore throat.

On June 24, a Laclede County detective went to Peters’ house. She rode with him to the station and never asked why she was being brought in. The detective reportedly presented the evidence to Peters, and she claimed she was mixing Roundup and Mountain Dew to create a weed killer because she saw it on Pinterest.

Then, she allegedly said she “should have just divorced” her husband. The affidavit says Peters called her husband “selfish” and noted they have “relationship issues.” The detective then placed her under arrest.

Peters reportedly admitted to putting insecticide in her husband’s Diet Mountain Dew on June 23 because she “was mad” at him. She said she “had thrown him a 50th birthday party and he was not appreciative.”

She reportedly used Roundup and “did so to be ‘mean'” to her husband.

Peters is charged with first-degree domestic assault and armed criminal action. She is being held without bond.

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