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Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jul11,2024

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The “True Crime News” world is about to get even bigger.

Beyond our wide reach of YouTube subscribers, Facebook followers, and podcast listeners, “True Crime News” will be heading to television starting in September with Ana Garcia as the show’s host.

“True Crime News,” which will produce 52 weeks of original half hours, has now been cleared in 98% of the country for its premiere on September 9.

Each 30-minute episode offers a compelling and comprehensive look into the world of true crime. From urgent calls to action for runaway criminals and missing persons to heart-stopping “caught on cam” moments, the show delivers a daily dose of riveting narratives that keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

This unique style of storytelling combines compassion for victims with an unwavering dedication to uncovering the truth. Garcia fearlessly expresses outrage when the justice system fails to deliver, ensuring that no story goes untold, and no injustice goes unnoticed.

Through close collaboration with local affiliate newsrooms, “True Crime News” goes beyond the surface, integrating local crime cases and offering stations a unique opportunity to bring captivating stories to the national forefront. This approach ensures a profound connection with audiences in every market, making “True Crime News” a powerful platform for shedding light on the most compelling stories.

With a staggering 3.1 billion digital views in our true crime community, “True Crime News” is one of the first times a true crime show has launched in syndication with a powerful digital footprint. Plus, with over 30 million annual podcast downloads, and access to a library of pulse-pounding content, “True Crime News” is poised to be the must-watch crime program in daytime television.

You can find out when and where to watch it here.

Tyler Mitchell

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