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Weinstein conviction overturned; Mistrial for rancher charged with shooting migrant — TCD Sidebar

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell May10,2024

In this episode of True Crime Daily The Sidebar Podcast: Joshua Ritter breaks down the biggest cases making headlines across the nation. He analyzes a judge’s declaration of a mistrial in the case of a rancher charged with shooting an unarmed migrant man walking across his property, an appeals court overturning Harvey Weinstein’s New York convictions, and an OnlyFans model accused of killing her boyfriend and allegedly tampering with the victim’s laptop after his death.

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Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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2 thoughts on “Weinstein conviction overturned; Mistrial for rancher charged with shooting migrant — TCD Sidebar”
  1. Was the mistrial declared because of lack of evidence or a procedural error? I’m curious about the details behind it.

    1. The mistrial was declared due to a procedural error rather than lack of evidence. The judge determined that the prosecution had not followed proper procedures, leading to the dismissal of the case. It’s a significant development in the legal proceedings surrounding this tragic incident.

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