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Webinar – Space Loves AI: How AI promises to transform space operations

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun6,2024

For satellite operators, AI’s potential benefits are impossible to ignore. As Earth observation and communications constellations expand, AI tools promise to streamline operations, reduce on-orbit collisions and speed up analysis of remote sensing data.

We’ll discuss the opportunities and challenges for space-based AI with experts from the Aerospace Corporation, Stanford University’s Center for AEroSpace Autonomy Research (CAESAR) and Redwire Space.


Mike Nemerouf, DirectorInnovation, Science and Technology Aerospace Corporation

Al Tadross, CTORedwire Space

Simone D’Amico, Co-founderStanford Center for AEroSpace Autonomy Research


Debra WernerSenior Staff WriterSpaceNews

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Beyond Earth’s atmosphere lies a sophisticated network of space technology that safeguards our nation and ensures the security of our daily activities. As threats to global security increase, so does the need for our vigilance and urgency. Redwire is proud to assist those responsible for defending our nation and its freedom to operate in space, offering intelligent vision systems, resilient mission architectures, warfighter communications and proven launch subsystems.


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2 thoughts on “Webinar – Space Loves AI: How AI promises to transform space operations”
  1. As a space enthusiast, it’s thrilling to see how AI is revolutionizing space operations. The potential for AI to enhance satellite operations, prevent collisions, and improve data analysis is truly groundbreaking.

  2. How can AI specifically help in reducing on-orbit collisions? Do the panelists have any examples of successful applications in this field?

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