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Vladimir Putin’s Russia struck in the heart as Ukraine hits oldest naval vessel in Crimea

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell May25,2024

A Ukrainian missile is believed to have struck Putin’s oldest warship, igniting flames and smoke that engulfed the vessel in the occupied port of Sevastopol, In a significant blow to Russia‘s naval forces in Crimea.

Footage captured the 112-year-old warship, identified as the Kommuna, engulfed in flames, sending plumes of smoke into the sky.

The vessel, a prized member of Putin’s Black Sea fleet, was reportedly being prepared for salvage operations of Russia‘s Moskva, which was downed by Ukrainian missiles two years ago.

Explosions rocked the area as Russian authorities issued a missile warning and closed off access to Putin’s prized Crimea bridge. Firefighters rushed to the scene, battling the blaze on the 315-ft long historic vessel.

A dramatic video shared on Telegram by Astra showed the aftermath of the attack, with a caption indicating: “The rocket hit the ship. See, it’s burning.”

The Kommuna holds historical significance, having been first launched in 1913, surviving through two world wars.

Its destruction marks a notable victory for Ukrainian forces, who have intensified their assaults on Russian Black Sea vessels in recent months, prompting Russia to withdraw most of its major ships from the ports in occupied Crimea.

The Russian governor of the occupied region, Mikhail Razvozhayev, confirmed that an anti-ship missile had been launched, leading to the fire on board. Razvozhayev also said that the fire was “quickly extinguished”.

Ukraine‘s tactical ingenuity has become increasingly evident as it continues to chip away at Russia‘s Black Sea fleet.

Using a blend of potent missiles, exemplified by the one employed in this incident, along with kamikaze sea drones, President Zelensky’s armed forces have effectively undermined Putin’s warships.

In response to sustained assaults, Russia has redeployed a portion of its warship fleet to Novorossiysk, situated in the southern region, away from vulnerable ports like Odesa in Ukraine and Sevastopol in Crimea.

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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2 thoughts on “Vladimir Putin’s Russia struck in the heart as Ukraine hits oldest naval vessel in Crimea”
  1. It’s a significant blow to Russia’s naval forces in Crimea. I’m glad to see Ukrainian forces stepping up and making their mark against Putin’s fleet.

  2. As a proud Russian, it is shocking to witness such a blow to our naval forces. The destruction of the Kommuna, a symbol of our history, is a significant loss for us. I hope that Russia can recover swiftly from this setback and continue to defend our interests in the Black Sea.

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