Vladimir Putin’s main battle tank hit with humiliating problem

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun5,2024

Vladimir Putin’s main battle tank the T-90 has been hit with a new humiliating problem during fighting in Ukraine.

The problem, informally known as “disco head”, has seen the turret of the T-90s spin out of control during combat.

According to reports, the glitch was witnessed when one T-90 was attacked by Ukrainian troops in American Bradley fighting vehicles. Footage of the incident appeared to show the T-90’s turret begin to spin wildly before its crew fled the scene.

This isn’t the first time the issue has occurred with another video also showing a T-90 turret spinning out of control after it was struck during a drone attack.

Speaking to the Telegraph about the issues, former British Army tank commander Hamish de Bretton-Gordon said there could be several reasons for the spinning including an electronic failure or issues with the crew.

He explained: “It’s very easy for inexperienced people to become disorientated in a tank because a tank’s hull can move in one direction, the turret could be in another direction and the commander’s sight could be in a completely other direction.”

Mr de Bretton-Gordon explained that this was where the term disco head came from. He added: “It could also be an electronics failure. Western tanks have a quite sophisticated fire control system, and the Russians don’t appear to have got it right.”

The latest humiliation for Putin comes as intense fighting continues in eastern Ukraine near the city of Kharkiv as Ukrainian forces try to push back against advancing Russian forces.

As the fighting intensifies, a former Russian Lieutenant Colonel has told the Express what Putin fears most about his illegal war in Ukraine.

Sergey Gulyaev said he believed the main focus for Putin this summer will try to secure control over the Zaporizhzhia, Donbas, and Kherson regions. However, the main supply route for this is the 12-mile-long Kerch Bridge and it is this that could leave Russian forces vulnerable says Gulyaev.

He explained: “A bridge is a very vulnerable thing in general. It can be hit from all sides, from the water, from the air, and with long-range missiles and even with small drones.

“The supplies need to be cut off and I think that this will happen. This is the consequence for Putin and it will have a very strong influence and impact. This is what they fear most.”

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