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Vladimir Putin ‘sends warning’ to Russian elite with top general’s arrest

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell May11,2024

Vladimir Putin has sent Russia’s defence chief a stark warning after his deputy minister was arrested on bribery charges, experts have said.

Timur Ivanov was remanded in custody at a court in Moscow on Tuesday after being accused of taking bribes “on a particularly large scale”. He will be held until June 23 but faces 15 years of jail time if convicted.

According to some analysts, the move was simply a warning signal to his boss, Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu.

David Silbey, associate professor of history at Cornell University, told Newsweek: “[Putin] doesn’t sign off on that [arrest] unless he’s sending a message to Shoigu, one that reads something along the lines of ‘that could have been you.”

Russian commentators also agree that Ivanov’s arrest will could cause concern for his boss.

One anonymous source told a military Telegram channel: “If he can’t manage it, he will be next to fall. This person is 100 percent his man.”

The arrest has sparked speculation about a showdown among Russia’s elite.

While corruption is rife in Russia, high-profile cases have been rare since it launched its illegal invasion of Ukraine in 2022.

This helps to explain why the arrest of Shogiu’s deputy could come as a concern for the defence chief.

Ivanov allegedly oversaw and financially benefitted from construction projects in Mariupol, Ukraine. The city came under Russian control after a battle that dragged on for months.

He is thought to be a close ally of Shoigu, with the pair having worked together for years.

Shoigu has previously come under fire over his handling of Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Last June, he faced a significant threat to power when Wagner mercenary chief Yevgeny Prigozhin led a mutiny in an attempt to oust him.

Russian bloggers have continued to accuse the country’s top generals of corruption and military failings.

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2 thoughts on “Vladimir Putin ‘sends warning’ to Russian elite with top general’s arrest”
  1. In my opinion, Vladimir Putin’s recent actions, such as the arrest of Timur Ivanov, seem to be a strategic move to assert his authority over the Russian elite. It sends a clear message that no one is above the law, even high-ranking officials. The arrest of Ivanov could indeed be a warning signal to Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu, indicating that Putin is not hesitant to crack down on corruption within his inner circle.

  2. Do you think this arrest is really just a warning to the Defence Minister, or is there more to the story?

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