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Vladimir Putin hires man who urged him to nuke EU and leave planet in ‘radioactive ruins’

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell May19,2024

Vladimir Putin has hired an academic who urged him to strike Europe with nuclear weapons and leave the planet in “radioactive ruins”.

Sergei Karaganov, 71, will now work in the Kremlin to study ways to “deter the West”, according to reports.

Karaganov is a prominent supporter of Putin’s war in Ukraine, and has defended Putin’s efforts to free the world from the “western yoke.”

He wrote in a 2,000-word essay that Putin should strike Europe with nuclear weapons to pre-emptively stop a global war, leaving the planet in “radioactive ruins.”

Karaganov advocated this approach despite reportedly owning properties in Venice and Berlin.

He added that only a “madman” in the US would “sacrifice Boston for Poznan” – one of Poland’s biggest cities.

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The academic added: “Both the US and Europe understand this perfectly well, though they prefer not to think about it.”

Karaganov also argued that such a strike would gain the support of China because Beijing would “rejoice at heart that a powerful blow has been dealt to the reputation and position of the United States.

“Morally, this is a terrible choice as we will use God’s weapon, thus dooming ourselves to grave spiritual losses. But if we do not do this, not only Russia can die, but most likely the entire human civilization will cease to exist.”

Meduza News, a news outlet opposed to Putin, reported that Karaganov has been commissioned to conduct eight pieces of research by the Russian government.

Topics include “the theory and practice of nuclear deterrence in current conditions with relation to Russian politics” and “a dialogue on developing a new concept of nuclear deterrence in the quadrilateral Russia-China-India-Pakistan format.”

Keir Giles, a senior fellow at Chatham House, told The Times that Karaganov was one of the Kremlin’s “go-to” mouthpieces for “nuclear willy-waving.”

On Monday, Putin ordered drills simulating the use of tactical nuclear weapons “in response to “provocative statements and threats of certain Western officials regarding the Russian Federation”, Moscow’s Defence Ministry said.

The Kremlin appeared to be referring to comments made by French President Emmanuel Macron and British Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron.

Macron did not rule out sending troops to Ukraine while Lord Cameron said Kyiv would be able to use British long-range weapons to strike Russian territory.

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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One thought on “Vladimir Putin hires man who urged him to nuke EU and leave planet in ‘radioactive ruins’”
  1. This is absolutely terrifying. The fact that Putin is hiring someone who advocates for using nuclear weapons on Europe is deeply concerning. The international community must speak out against such dangerous rhetoric before it’s too late.

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