Vladimir Putin ‘crisis’ as another ‘1,300 soldiers’ killed in just 24 hours – full list

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun27,2024

Ukraine’s troops inflicted massive casualties on Russia’s army over the last twenty-four hours, as the slaughter on the frontlines continues unabated.

Russia has lost a staggering amount of troops since it launched its invasion just over two years ago.

Putin’s generals have shown scant regard for the lives of their soldiers, mercilessly sacrificing them for minimal gains.

Russian commanders have launched wave after wave of frontal assaults on heavily defend Ukrainian positions, desperately hoping for a breakthrough.

As a result, Putin’s troops have been mowed down in their tens of thousands, making this one of the bloodiest and costliest wars Russia has been involved in.

Ukraine‘s General Staff said its forces had killed or wounded 1,260 Russian soldiers over the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of casualties to 539,320.

In addition, Ukraine destroyed another three tanks, nine armoured combat vehicles, forty two artillery systems, as well as five air defence systems.

A UK military advisor said Russia‘s human wave attacks were a grotesque approach that demonstrated the depths to which Putin will go to save his regime.

Nicholas Aucott told a session of the OSCE that Russia had lost an average of 899 soldiers per day throughout April.

He said: “Mr Chair, not only is this an act of aggression against a sovereign nation, it also is a testament to the contempt in which Putin regards his own people and the lengths to which he is prepared to go.”

The UK estimates that 450,000 Russians have been killed or wounded in Ukraine, while French officials put the number at 500,000.

France says that of these at least 150,000 have been killed – a figure which is tens times the number of casualties the Soviet Union suffered during its decade long campaign in Afghanistan.

Ukraine‘s army released a video showing one of its HIMARS units taking out four Russian multiple launch rocket systems in a spectacular strike.

The high precision missiles were guided to their target by drone reconnaissance operators.

Images show four MLRS trucks parked together, before each is struck by the deadly US-produced rockets.

A series of four explosions can be seen, with balls of flame leading into the air. The remains of the launchers quickly become engulfed in black smoke.

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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