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Venice tourist tax protest: Locals swarm street as they claim ‘city becoming theme park’

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell May26,2024

The introduction of a new tourist tax in Venice has created some upset – albeit it has been locals rather than visitors who voiced their anger. 

On April 25, the first day in which this tax has come into force, a group of protesters gathered with placards and flags to show their unhappiness at the measure.  

Some of those who took part in the demonstration argued these measures sell out the city rather than protect it, turning it into a “theme park” – or “Veniceland”, as one banner read.  

Other placards read “No to the ticket, yes to homes and services for everyone” and “Stop speculating on Venice”. 

During the protest, they issued fake tickets to bystanders and tourists, in which they claimed the new fee would be useless in helping Venice deal with overtourism

The protesters, around 300 according to Italian media, briefly clashed with police in anti-riot gear as they moved towards Piazzale Roma, not too far from the train station which takes every year millions of tourists into the lagoon. 

A representative of Social Organisation for Housing (ASC), one of the groups organising the protest, accused the local government of planning to allow back into the lagoon cruise ships, banned only in 2021, and spend public funds on boosting tourism rather than supporting the city and its residents. 

Speaking to Italian daily La Repubblica, Federica Toninelli said: “How are they telling us that they want to do something [about tourism] while they are only turning Venice into a museum?” 

Speaking about the entry fee, another protester argued it was damaging the image of Venice. 

Matteo Secchi, leader of residents’ activist group Venessia.com, told the Guardian: “I can tell you that almost the entire city is against it. You can’t impose an entrance fee to a city; all they’re doing is transforming it into a theme park. This is a bad image for Venice … I mean, are we joking?” 

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Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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2 thoughts on “Venice tourist tax protest: Locals swarm street as they claim ‘city becoming theme park’”
  1. As a local resident of Venice, I wholeheartedly support the protest against the new tourist tax. This measure feels like a betrayal to our city, turning it into a mere theme park for profit. It’s time to prioritize our homes and services over catering to endless tourism demands.

  2. As a resident of Venice, I fully support the protest against the new tourist tax. It is clear that the city is on the verge of becoming a mere theme park, losing its essence and charm in the process. The authorities should prioritize the well-being of the residents and sustainable tourism rather than simply focusing on profits.

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