US consulate and Labor MP offices targeted with pro-Palestinian graffiti

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun4,2024
The United States consulate and the offices of several Labor MPs have been targeted in acts of vandalism in Melbourne, including red paint and graffiti.
The background: The front of the building housing the US consulate general in inner Melbourne was covered in red paint and foyer windows were smashed in several places.
Graffiti on the building included the phrases “Free Gaza” and “Glory to the martyrs”.
The office of Federal Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus was also attacked and smeared in red paint.

Vandals similarly targeted the offices of federal NDIS and Government Services Minister Bill Shorten.

A building with smashed glass windows and red paint on it. Police tape is in front of it.

Damage to the outside of the US consulate general in Melbourne on Friday. Source: AAP / James Ross

The key quote: “What we have seen are protests which go beyond peaceful protests, we have a right to peaceful protest in this country. But we should rightly condemn protests which are violent and which are hateful and aggressive.” – Foreign Minister Penny Wong

What else to know: Pro-Palestinian activist groups have called Friday a “national day of action against Labor MPs” and plan to stage protests throughout the day.
What happens now: Police have cordoned off the building and workers are trying to remove the graffiti. Victoria Police are investigating the incidents.
Tyler Mitchell

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