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UN ambassador condemns Gershkovich detention

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell May17,2024

United Nations ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield condemned the detention of Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich, who has been in Russian prison for over a year.

“We gather here on the eve of World Press Freedom Day, an opportunity to recognize journalists’ remarkable courage and vital contributions,” Thomas-Greenfield said in a speech Thursday.

“Today, as we mourn the dozens of journalists killed in Gaza; as hundreds more remain unjustly detained around the world; and as Evan Gershkovich marks 400 days – 400 days in a Russian prison – this occasion is less a celebration than an urgent call to action,” she continued.

Gershkovich, who was based in Russia, was detained by the country’s Federal Security Service and charged with suspicion of espionage. He has been detained since March 28, 2023.

In late March, a Moscow court extended Gershkovich’s pretrial detention until the end of June.  

The Biden administration has been working on securing a prisoner swap to free Gershkovich, but a deal has yet to emerge. Russia is also holding other American prisoners, including former Marine Paul Whelan and journalist Alsu Kurmasheva.

In her remarks, Thomas-Greenfield highlighted instances in which reporters are “far too often” violently attacked and wrongfully detained for telling the truth.

“That was Evan’s crime: reporting the facts about Russia’s illegal war in Ukraine. A war that continues to today,” she said.

She said Gershkovich’s detention is meant to be a sign from Russia of toughness, strength and control.

“But the truth is, this pernicious targeting by the Kremlin, and by strongmen across the world only reveals their weakness and their fear,” Thomas-Greenfield said. “Because they know that history is not kind to those who squash dissent through force.”

She said the UN is launching new campaigns to strengthen security for journalists and independent media outlets, as well as programs that fight lawsuits meant to intimidate reporters.

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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2 thoughts on “UN ambassador condemns Gershkovich detention”
  1. It is truly disheartening to see journalists like Evan Gershkovich being unjustly detained for simply doing their job. Thomas-Greenfield’s words ring true about the importance of press freedom and the dire need for action to protect it.

  2. “This situation is truly heartbreaking. Evan Gershkovich’s prolonged detention in a Russian prison is a blatant violation of press freedom and human rights. It is crucial that swift actions are taken to secure his release and prevent such injustices from occurring in the future.”

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