UK tourists warned over £14 charge ‘per day’ in France and Italy

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun7,2024

British holidaymakers are set to be hit by a hefty £14 daily tourist tax in some of Europe’s most popular destinations this summer. As the peak travel season approaches, UK tourists have been alerted to the additional charges that could make a significant dent in their travel budgets.

Tiffany Mealiff, a travel insurance specialist at, has issued a stark warning: “The new and increasing tourist fees across Europe allow cities to fund measures to attract more holidaymakers, support the local infrastructure and businesses, as well as preventing damages from overtourism.”

She further cautioned travellers: “If you’re taking a trip to any city in Europe this year, you must be aware of the potential additional costs to your holiday – which are often not obvious beforehand and normally due for payment when you check out of your accommodation.”

In a move to manage the influx of visitors, Venice has introduced an entry fee for day-trippers starting from April 25 until July 14. This so-called tourist tax is set at €5 (£4.30) and grants access for one day to both Venice and the smaller islands within the Venetian Lagoon.

This charge will be levied on those visiting just for the day to the ‘old city’ the entire lagoon areabut exempts overnight guests. The fee stands at €5 per person, with the innovative system providing a QR code once paid, simplifying the process for tourists, reports Birmingham Live.

You could be slapped with a fine ranging from €50 (£43) to €300 (£258). Officials will be conducting random checks for QR codes once you’ve entered Venice, which will indicate whether you’ve coughed up for the day-tripper tax or if you’re exempt.

Approximately 200 stewards have been trained to explain the process to anyone unaware of the fee.

Meanwhile, in Paris, a mandatory tourist tax is levied on visitors staying in the capital. The amount of this tax can vary from as little as €0.65 (56p for one and two star campsites) to a hefty €14.95 (£12.87 for palaces) per person, per night.

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2 thoughts on “UK tourists warned over £14 charge ‘per day’ in France and Italy”
  1. As a frequent traveler to Europe, I find it frustrating that these additional tourist taxes keep increasing. It’s becoming harder to budget for trips, and these hidden fees can really add up. I appreciate the warning from Tiffany Mealiff; it’s essential to be informed about these charges before embarking on a holiday.

  2. It’s outrageous that UK tourists are now facing a £14 daily tourist tax in some European cities. While I understand the need for funds to support local infrastructure, these additional charges will definitely impact travel budgets. Travellers need to be well-informed about these unexpected costs before planning their trips.

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