Tusk reveals £2bn ‘European Dome’ to protect continent against Russia attack

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun12,2024

is leading collaborative efforts to develop a so-called “European Dome” to protect the skies of the continent from attack, the country’s Prime Minister has said.

also revealed work on £2billion fortifications along his country’s borders – referred to as Shield East – is already underway.

Mr Tusk, the former European Council President, who leads his country at the head of a Brussels-friendly coalition government, focused on national and international security during a speech at a ceremony in Krakow to mark the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Monte Cassino, also known as the Battle for Rome.

Poland had decided to invest 10 billion Polish Zlotys in the project, Mr Tusk announced.

He explained: “We are starting a large project of building a safe border, including a system of fortifications, as well as terrain features and environmental decisions that will make this border impassable for a potential enemy.”

Work had already got underway, Mr Tusk confirmed.

Taking inspiration from Israel’s Iron Dome, built to prevent rocket attacks from Gaza, Mr Tusk continued: “Poland’s security also means a safe sky over Poland

“This European dome that Poland intends to build with other Western countries, with other European Union countries.”

He continued: “We are the initiators of this European dome because we realize – after the experience of Israel, after the experience of Ukraine – that one country is not able to cope with this effort of a safe dome, safe sky, safe air defense over Poland, over the region – above all , but also over the entire continent.”

The project would involve a “satellite component”, Mr Tusk stressed.

He explained: “It won’t just be a depiction of what’s happening on Earth. This will not only be an element of security in space, because wars in the future will also take place in the space above us.

“This will also be part of a large project that we must coordinate together with other partners, ie the safe dome.”

Mr Tusk said he would discuss the financing of the satellite technology with the European Investment Bank next week.

He continued: “We will receive this loan, which will increase our security – half a billion zlotys.

“I hope that I will be able to submit this report to you on Monday.”

The initiative, the European Missile Shield, was proposed by Germany in 2022.

Initially, 15 countries joined it and now 21 nations are involved.

Currently, 21 countries are participating in the initiative, including the UK.

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  1. Will the European Dome project also involve other defense systems besides fortifications along the borders?

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