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Tucker Carlson claims he’s seen evidence of ‘underwater’ UFOs on Joe Rogan’s podcast

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell May17,2024

In a recent appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast, Fox News veteran Tucker Carlson proposed a provocative theory regarding unidentified flying objects (UFOs), suggesting that they might not be extraterrestrial beings but rather “spiritual entities” that have coexisted below ground level with humanity throughout history.

During the podcast, Carlson presented a theory that challenges conventional understandings of UFOs.

“There’s a ton of evidence that they’re under the ocean and under the ground,” Carlson told Rogan. “They’ve been here for a long time.”

While acknowledging the existence of UFOs, Carlson emphasized the unanswered questions surrounding these phenomena, now commonly referred to as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP).

“They’re from here and they’ve been here for thousands of years,” Carlson said during the podcast. He described them as “spiritual entities” that defy conventional scientific explanations and operate outside the bounds of observable nature.

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Carlson’s comments reflect a broader trend of speculation surrounding UFOs, with increasing attention being paid to their potential spiritual or supernatural origins.

“The first chapter of Ezekiel is pretty clear of a UFO sighting,” Missouri Congressman Eric Burlison said in January 2023, referencing Biblical origins as he laid the groundwork for his efforts to compel UFO whistleblowers to testify before Congress during the previous summer.

Reflecting on his experiences with classified briefings on UFO phenomena, Representative Burlison added: “Whenever I use the term ‘angels,’ to me, it’s synonymous with an extradimensional being.”

The conversation between Carlson and Rogan comes amidst heightened public interest in UFOs, with Carlson’s growing fascination with the topic drawing scrutiny and speculation. Rogan himself questioned the motivations behind Carlson’s interest, reflecting broader curiosity and intrigue surrounding UFO phenomena.


Speculation linking UFOs to religious visitations or interdimensional beings is not new and has been a recurring theme in discussions on the topic for decades. References to ancient texts and historical accounts have been cited as evidence of a longstanding connection between UFOs and spirituality.

Despite the skepticism surrounding these theories, they continue to garner attention and debate, fueling ongoing research and investigation into the nature of UFO phenomena. The recent signing into US law of an amendment to investigate a UFO case from 1945 has only highlighted the significance of these inquiries.

“The Defense Intelligence Agency were looking at this demonic element, and they labelled these sorts of aliens as ‘non-human entities’,” Brian Allan, editor of Phenomena Magazine, explained. “They believed that there was a demonic component to the UFO phenomenon: they are not invading us, it’s Biblical.”

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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2 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson claims he’s seen evidence of ‘underwater’ UFOs on Joe Rogan’s podcast”
  1. As a longtime follower of UFO-related news, I find Tucker Carlson’s theory on ‘underwater’ UFOs intriguing. It’s refreshing to see discussions that challenge traditional views and explore alternative explanations for these phenomena. Whether they are extraterrestrial or ‘spiritual entities,’ the mysteries surrounding UFOs continue to captivate us all.

  2. As a long-time listener of Joe Rogan’s podcast, I find Tucker Carlson’s theory about ‘underwater’ UFOs fascinating. While I’m open to unconventional ideas, the concept of these entities being spiritual rather than extraterrestrial is certainly intriguing. It adds a new layer to the ongoing discussion about UFOs and challenges our traditional understanding of them. Whether they are spiritual entities or not, the mystery surrounding UFOs continues to spark curiosity and debate among the public.

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