Trump Reaches Out to Nikki Haley, Good Move!

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Nikki Haley Will Be ‘On Our Team in Some Form’, says Trump.

CNN reports Trump Says He Thinks Haley Will Be ‘On Our Team in Some Form’

Former President Donald Trump said Thursday he believes Nikki Haley will be “on our team in some form,” weighing in for the first time on the former South Carolina governor’s announcement a day earlier that she’d be voting for him.

Asked by a News 12 reporter at his Bronx rally whether there is “room for her on your team, or better yet, your ticket,” Trump replied, “I think she’s gonna be on our team, because we have a lot of the same ideas, the same thoughts. I appreciated what she said, you know, we had a nasty campaign. It was pretty nasty, but she’s a very capable person, and I’m sure she’s going to be on our team in some form. Absolutely.”

Haley, who served as ambassador to the United Nations under Trump, said Wednesday that she will vote for him in November, but she did not offer a full-throated endorsement. She instead encouraged Trump to reach out to her supporters, some of whom have continued to cast their vote for her in primaries since she exited the race.

“Trump would be smart to reach out to the millions of people who voted for me and continue to support me, and not assume that they’re just going to be with him. And I genuinely hope he does that,” Haley said during a Q&A session following a speech at the conservative Hudson Institute in Washington, DC.

Trump reiterated he is likely to decide on a running mate “sometime during the convention,” which begins in Milwaukee on July 15.

Good Move!

No, make that great move, and for multiple reasons.

First, it shows Trump can put aside differences. That’s a change.

Second and more importantly, it shows Trump wants to win, not just appeal to the MAGA base that hates Nikki Haley.

OK, I get it. Nikki Haley is a Neocon. But millions of people like her. It is more important to do things to win than to get cheering from the MAGA base.

Nikki Haley supporters are not going to vote for Biden, but they might sit it out. Trump needs to bring as many of those voters into the fold as possible.

If Trump can just knock off the name calling he will be better off.

This is how it will play: Trump wants a “bird brain” in his administration. Bird brain is the term Trump repeatedly called Nikki Haley during the primary campaign.

Some voters will be permanently turned off by the nastiness of the primaries. But Trump now has a chance to bring some of the fence sitters back into the fold.

Huge Inroads with Blacks and Young Voters

Trump has made huge inroads with Blacks and young voters. Now he is trying to appeal to suburban women.

If he can continue to do this, he has a potential to win in a landslide.

Meltdown Over Young Voters Sitting Out the Election

On April 29, I commented James Carville Has Meltdown Over Young Voters Sitting Out the Election

Yeah, nothing can help get out the Biden vote like an old geezer lecturing zoomers on how they should vote.

Swing State Poll Shows Black Voters Abandoning Biden In Huge Numbers

WSJ Swing State Poll, anecdotes in blue by Mish

On April 12, I commented Swing State Poll Shows Black Voters Abandoning Biden In Huge Numbers

Blacks constitute only 14 percent of the voting age population, but the swings toward Trump are so huge they could decide the election.

WSJ: “While most Black men said they intend to support Biden, some 30% of them in the poll said they were either definitely or probably going to vote for the former Republican president.”

That poll is stale, but every poll since then shows the same thing.

Goodness Gracious

“My goodness gracious, my God. That is a huge lead. No Democrat has lost that state since John Kerry.”

Two New Swing State Polls Show Why Biden Is Desperate to Debate Trump

Trump Leads in 5 Key States, as Young and Nonwhite Voters Express Discontent With Biden according to Nate Cohn at the New York Times.

On May 19, I commented Two New Swing State Polls Show Why Biden Is Desperate to Debate Trump

The Shocker

18-29 year-olds turned out en masse for Biden four years ago. Trump now leads age groups 18-29 and 30-44.

And it’s not just the youth vote. According to Pew, Biden captured 92 percent of the black vote in 2020. Now it’s 49-14-11 (Biden, Trump, Kennedy).

If these percentages hold, Trump is going to win every swing state plus a few more not yet presumed to be in the ballpark.

Reflections on the Economy

Economists still don’t get it. They think the economy is doing great.

If you are an asset holder, the economy might seem great (see Dear Jerome Powell, Is Everything Under Control? Spotlight Gold and Silver).

But the 36 percent of people who rent, mainly young voters and blacks, see things differently. And they will decide the election, for Trump, if the polls stay anywhere close to where they are.

Hint: The polls likely won’t change because the economy is nowhere close to strong, especially for those who will decide the election, renters, primarily young voters and blacks.

Specifically, People Who Rent Will Decide the 2024 Presidential Election

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