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Three European countries where British expats can live for ‘much less’ than £1k a month

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun12,2024

The cost of living crisis that swept through Britain in recent years brought many to consider moving abroad.

While several other countries experienced a higher cost of living following the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the coronavirus pandemic, there are destinations around the world where UK nationals face lower expenses than at home.

Some of them are just a short flight away and within the European continent, which makes relocating abroad much easier.

Among the perks of these destinations is the possibility to live comfortably on a monthly budget of €1,000 (£850).

Express.co.uk has taken a look at these areas where it appears to be possible to enjoy life on an average salary.

The stunning landscapes and picturesque towns in Romania are just some of the perks offered by this EU country to prospect expats.

The country is a cheap but comfortable place to live, with its capital Bucharest ranking 142nd in the Cost of Living City Ranking 2023 by financial services company Mercer. For comparison, London appeared in 17th position.

In this European capital, a one-bedroom flat can be rented for some €400 (£340) a month, while utilities add up monthly to around €100 (£85), according to Spanish publication Ultima Hora.

The individual monthly food budget is around €300 (£255), and expats can treat themselves to eating out every now and then thanks to the relatively low costs of restaurants.

In Romania, where public health service is free, public transport is inexpensive, with a monthly bus pass costing just €12 (£10.22).

While Portugal‘s capital city Lisbon is a rather expensive place to live, there are other areas where expats can settle down to enjoy a comfortable life for less.

Areas including the southern Algarve region and the city of Porto offer a good, sun-kissed quality of life at a relatively cheap price.

A one-bedroom flat in Porto can cost an average of €500 (£10.22), according to Ultima Hora, while in early 2020 the utilities and internet came at around €130 (£110), according to the website Lisbon Language Cafe.

This website added the average individual monthly food budget in 2020 came at €200 (£170), while restaurants are, much like in Romania, fairly inexpensive depending on the areas in which they are.

The cost of public transport varies between cities, but in Porto a monthly bus pass with the STCP company comes at €50 (£42).

The Portuguese health service is accessible to all citizens and legal residents and is normally free of charge, although there may be some small fees associated with emergency room visits, GP consultations and ambulance use.

Bulgaria, which joined the EU alongside Romania in 2007, is an affordable country to live in.

Sofia, its beautifully vibrant capital city, was placed 168th in last year’s Mercer’s Cost of Living City Ranking, highlighting the opportunities it offers for people with a relatively low budget for British standards.

In the capital, one-bedroom flats can come at €400 (£340) a month, to which should be added around €100 (£85) for basic bills, according to Ultima Hora.

Average food expenses come at less than €230 (£197), and eating out in a middle-of-the-road restaurant costs around €6 (£5.14).

Transport is also affordable, with a monthly pass covering both metro and bus at €35 (£30).

Much like in Portugal, healthcare is mostly free in Bulgaria, but small fees are required for some medical services.

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  1. Living in Romania sounds like a great idea for British expats looking to save money while enjoying a comfortable lifestyle. The cost of living there is much more affordable compared to the UK, especially in terms of rent, utilities, and food expenses. Plus, the beautiful landscapes and the charming towns make it an attractive destination for those considering relocating abroad.

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