The top 12 cheapest European holiday destinations revealed – and London made the list

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun18,2024

The 12 cheapest European city breaks have been named and surprisingly London has made the list.

Travel insurance company, Quotezone, analysed everything from the price of a beer, a meal, and a hotel to the cost of tourist tax and public transport to create a European Budget Holiday Index.

While there are some locations on the list you might not have thought about visiting, some of the continent’s most popular destinations also made the cut including Paris, Madrid, and Berlin.

But topping the table was Poland’s capital, Warsaw, which does not have a tourist tax, and boasts the most affordable hotel room options at just £38.60 per night. 

The top-ranking city is also just 14.36 km from the airport with budget-friendly public transport making travelling to and from the city centre affordable.

Coming in second was Zagreb, where a beer is just £2.60, in third place was Istanbul, where a meal costs as little as £7.40 and a public transport ticket costs just over 40p.

But despite featuring in the top 12, some of the more popular cities proved costly. 

Meals in London are the most expensive on the list at around £20 and Amsterdam’s hotel stays have the highest average cost at £105 per night.

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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  1. Warsaw seems like a hidden gem for budget travelers. With affordable hotel options and no tourist tax, it’s definitely worth considering for my next European adventure!

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