The sector where the gender pay gap is nearly twice as wide

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun21,2024
The latest report from the Workplace Gender Equality Agency has revealed the disparities between those working in the private sector and those who are employed by the Commonwealth.
The bigger picture: The gender pay gap for private companies currently sits at 21.7 per cent, higher than the 13.5 per cent seen in the public sector.
The report also showed that over 70 per cent of women in the public sector are employed full-time, compared to private companies, where 59 per cent of female workers are part-time or casual employees.

Women in the public sector were also far more likely to find themselves on a management team split equally between genders and to have flexibility in their work.

Two women stand at lecterns. Behind them are the Australian, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags.

Australian Finance Minister Katy Gallagher and CEO of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency Mary Wooldridge speak to the media during a press conference at Parliament House in Canberra. Source: AAP / Lukas Coch

Workplace Gender Equality Agency chief executive Mary Wooldridge says that flexibility enables women to maintain a balance between their professional and personal lives.

The key quote: “We know we need to encourage stronger uptake of parental leave by men and part-time workers should not be overlooked for promotion,” Minister for Women and the Public Service Katy Gallagher said.
What happens next: The report comes ahead of an investigation by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency on individual departments belonging to the Commonwealth, with the results set to be released sometime next year.
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