The country loved by UK tourists that keeps getting hit by deadly 40C heatwaves

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun18,2024

A series of deadly heatwaves are sweeping across Mexico, with experts warning the worst may not have yet come.

Jorge Zavala Hidalgo, director of the Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate Change, described the current weather in the country as “unprecedented” and said people will likely experience temperatures “they have not faced” before.

A statement shared by Mr Zavala Hidalgo’s group and the Climate Change Research Programme, both part of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), also stressed the Latin American country is likely to experience the “highest temperatures recorded in history” over the next 10 or 15 days.

The Weather Channel forecasted temperatures will continue to ramp up over the next few days, reaching 40C in Tabasco and 40.5C in Mexicali.

Mexico City, where most homes don’t have air conditioning as the capital has historically enjoyed a temperate climate, the mercury could hit a record 35C over the next two weeks, according to Mr Zavala Hidalgo. 

The capital city has already got close to the blistering temperature on May 9, when it broke historic record and reach 34.3C.

Elsewhere in Mexico, the northeastern state of San Luis Potosi registered a high of 49.6C.

Heat-related causes, including dehydration and heat strokes, have killed 22 people in Mexico between May 12 and 21 alone.

Since the beginning of the hot season on March 17, 48 people are known to have lost their lives as a consequence of extreme temperatures.  

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador described this year’s heat as “exceptional”, saying during a press conference: “It’s a very regrettable natural phenomenon related to climate change.”

Mexico is currently experiencing the third out of the five heatwaves forecasted by experts to happen between March and July.

The weather conditions are worsened by the “heat dome” that has taken hold of much of the country, a weather phenomenon which sees the atmosphere trapping hot ocean air as if bound by a lid.

High pollution is further exacerbating the already difficult weather conditions in urbanised areas such as Mexico City. 

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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  1. I can’t even imagine how challenging it must be for the people living in Mexico right now. These escalating heatwaves are truly concerning, and the rising temperatures are a serious threat to public health. It’s crucial for authorities to take immediate action to protect the population from the impact of these extreme weather conditions.

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