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The Blame Game in Gaza With Innocent Civilians Held Hostage

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A twisted setup in Gaza allows both Israel and Hamas to play the blame game for Israel’s attack on Rafah.

Eurointelligence discusses Rafah’s Red Lines

Israel continued its military operation in Rafah while Hamas accepted the ceasefire and hostage release proposal. Both statements together make no sense. But a closer look reveals that this is just part of twisted plot where both sides aim for something more while laying the blame for death and destruction on the other side. This haggling over the terms of a ceasefire while crossing the red line in Rafah is cynical, both to the people in Rafah and the families of the hostages. It will now be up to the US and other states to decide whether a red line is a red line, or whether the goal posts have changed yet again.

Yesterday could well turn out to be one of those watershed moments. An invasion of Rafah increases the risk of escalating violence on both sides and between their communities and protesters in the world. What is even more cynical is that increased violence between the two camps could be instrumentalized politically by both negotiation teams.

The sequence of yesterday’s events was that after Israel started the evacuation and bombing in Rafah, Hamas informed Qatar and Egypt that it agreed on a cease-fire proposal. The message was immediately celebrated by the people in Gaza, prematurely as it turns out, as bombing continued in the night. Hamas’s intent was to signal to the Palestinians that they are not the obstacle to spare Rafah from the bombing, raising their hopes and pointing the finger at Israel. But the terms of this deal were bent to such an extent that they no longer were acceptable to Israel. The war cabinet decided unanimously to continue with its operation in Rafah to pressure Hamas for accepting Israel’s conditions.

Benjamin Netanyahu had been oscillating between a hard stance of his government on achieving Israel’s war goals, and accepting negotiations over a military pause with Hamas in Egypt over the past week. Shortly after accepting the truce proposal from Egypt, Netanyahu promised to invade Rafah no matter what Hamas would decide.

Terms of the Deal

Why should Hamas accept a deal in which Netanyahu promised to invade Rafah no matter what Hamas would decide?

But Hamas wanted a permanent cease fire it knew Israel would not accept.

Both Israel and Hamas have vowed to destroy each other, even using the same “river to sea” slogan. Under that setup how could any truce ever last?

Reader Comments

One of my readers made this accurate assessment.

If all or most of your entire family has been killed, your home turned to dust, your home state/country invaded, no work, checkpoints, dirty water, no schools and when there were school they taught you who the oppressor was and that they were the devil, no future, hungry, embargos against you, etc, etc I would (and many of you as well) become a “terrorist” too. At that point, what do you have to lose?

If you can’t love your neighbor, at least leave them alone. Americans struggle understanding “terrorism” and yet it isn’t that hard. Just takes putting yourself in someone else’s shoes.

A second reader commented:

Assume Israel achieves their goal to destroy Hamas. How long before a new Hamas cell emerges and starts it all again?

Hatred for your fellow man runs deep in many; you can see it in this comment section from both sides; but it isn’t restricted to religious or racial hatred; you even seen generational hatred in this comment section, political hatred, gender hatred etc.

Hate isn’t going away any time soon. Particularly when you have political leaders who are leading the charge, fomenting hatred for any group that they think will help their political popularity.

For proof, just read the comments section of a blog like this.

Breaking the Cycle of Violence

Millions of Palestinians and Israelis who just want to live a life without someone trying to take their land or kill them are held hostage by extremists.

Eventually, to break the cycle of violence, it must be a land for peace deal that is fair to both sides. Unfortunately, eventually can mean decades. It already has.

Until a Hamas or Israeli leader takes it upon himself to genuinely seek a fair proposal, eventually may be never.

Having red lines and ignoring them does not help. Netanyahu does not help, and in fact is a huge part of the problem.

The US has proven time and time again (Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Vietnam, Israel) that trying to be the world’s policeman is a losing policy.

I suggest we stop, and stop taking sides too. There is only one side, peace. That means no arms to Israel.

Meanwhile, eventually seems further off than ever. Trapped in the process are millions of innocent Palestinians and Israelis who just want to live a life without someone trying to take their land or kill them.

Conversation of the Day

I posted that Tweet yesterday with this comment “Please play that clip. Then tell me what the Hell Israel stands to gain.

I also asked questions.

Who, if not Hamas, will be the first to evacuate?

As the horror stories mount on both sides, some of us are sick of the whole damn thing. I see nothing to dance and cheer about.

What possible benefit is there in telling Hamas where the next strike will be, when Hamas will be the first to evacuate?

I received no answers.

Biden Reiterates Clear Position

Yesterday, I noted Biden Reiterates Clear Position, Israel Attack on Rafah Begins Anyway

No one believes or cares about Biden’s clear positions. They are meaningless. Meanwhile, there is no chance of breaking the cycle as long as Netanyahu is in power.

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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3 thoughts on “The Blame Game in Gaza With Innocent Civilians Held Hostage”
  1. Isn’t it baffling how both Israel and Hamas continue to manipulate the situation in Gaza for their own gains, while innocent civilians pay the price? When will this cycle of blame and violence end?

    1. It truly is a heartbreaking cycle of manipulation and suffering with innocent lives caught in the crossfire. The blame game played by Israel and Hamas only prolongs the agony for the civilians in Gaza. It’s high time for genuine efforts towards peace and stability to prevail.

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