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The $100 change coming to Australian passports

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell May16,2024
Travellers in urgent need of a passport will be able to get their hands on travel documents faster later this year – but it will come at a cost.

From 1 July, the government will create a new fast-track program to allow passports to be processed in five business days.

It will cost an extra $100 on top of current passport application prices.

The government is expected to reap an additional $27.4 million from this new measure over five years.

There already is a priority processing system for urgent passport applications, at a cost of $252 when lodged at Australia Post, which allows applications to be processed in two business days from the date the application is received.
A Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade spokesperson said: “The new service is aimed at giving customers more choice in deciding the passport processing option that’s right for them, particularly for those with urgent travel needs.

“This will be offered alongside the existing ‘Priority’ service.”

New visa for skilled Indian nationals

A new visa scheme will bring in 3,000 Indian graduates and early-career professionals aged up to 30 with skills and education in targeted sectors, to live and work in Australia for two years.

The new scheme is called the Mobility Arrangement for Talented Early-professionals Scheme (MATES) program and will start from 1 November.

There will be an application fee of $390 for those interested.

Charges for working holiday makers – but only three countries

Working holiday makers from China, Vietnam and India will face a new visa pre-application ballot process from this year.

The ballot process will cost applicants $25, which the government says will help manage demand and application processing times for these countries.

A ‘fair go’ to genuine asylum seekers

Western Sydney and Melbourne will be home to two so-called migration hubs, which will be court facilities solely dedicated to hearing migration and protection issues.

There will also be eight new judges, four appointed to each of the Federal circuit and family circuit, to resolve the backlog of migration and protection applications which, the current government claims, was left by the previous government.

New innovation visa for talented migrants

The government will replace the global talent visa with a new national innovation visa from late 2024, targeting exceptionally talented migrants who are expected to boost sectors of national importance.

The government will also reduce the two-year work experience requirement for those applying for the temporary skills shortage visa to one year.

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  1. How will this new fast-track passport processing program impact current applicants waiting for their passports?

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