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Texan Guy Loses It When His Gal Gives Him the Boot

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell May25,2024

LOS FRESNOS, Texas (TCD) — Deputies arrested a 42-year-old man over the weekend on suspicion of strangling his girlfriend after she reportedly ended their relationship.

On Sunday, April 14, at approximately 2:30 p.m., Cameron County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a home on the 32000 block of Ebony Road after a neighbor allegedly heard a woman shouting for help. Deputies spoke with the 53-year-old victim at the scene and noticed apparent signs of assault.

The victim told investigators she broke up with 42-year-old Rolando Juarez after they had been together for four years. Juarez became upset and allegedly hit the woman in her face while they were driving to his home. The victim reportedly told deputies that once they got to his house, Juarez strangled her. Juarez allegedly tried to retrieve the woman’s cellphone from her back pocket and ended up pushing her to the ground as a result. She said Juarez also pushed her head against the ground, which injured her forehead.

The victim is seeking criminal charges against her ex-boyfriend.

Deputies arrested Juarez and booked him into the Cameron County Jail on a charge of assault impeding breath/circulation. He remains held on $20,000 bond.

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Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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2 thoughts on “Texan Guy Loses It When His Gal Gives Him the Boot”
  1. It’s heartbreaking to see the effects of toxic masculinity in relationships. It’s important for everyone to remember that no one has the right to harm their partner, regardless of the circumstances. I hope justice prevails for the victim in this case.

  2. What a disturbing incident! It’s heartbreaking to hear about violence in relationships. I hope justice is served for the victim and that she finds safety and support.

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