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Terrifying moment children struck by lightning on beach left in serious condition

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun10,2024

Three children were struck by lightning on a beach in the coastal town of Isabela, northern Puerto Rico. The minors, aged between 7 and 12 years old, were immediately taken to hospital following the strike, with one currently unable to walk.

Carlos Cruz, acting director of the Isabela Municipal Emergency Management Agency, said: “At that moment, one of the parents had come out of the water to look for something in a portable refrigerator that they had brought with them when he heard the lightning and one of the little ones screaming.”

Local media outlet ‘Primera Hora’ reported that the three children were taken to the Buen Samaritano Hospital in Aguadilla.

The oldest child is in serious condition and remains in intensive care due to problems with his limbs.

“He cannot walk yet,” Cruz confirmed.

Eyewitness Mishka García described the terrifying scene to El Nuevo Día: “We were eating in a restaurant when we started to see very black clouds on the horizon. During that time period, at least 15 lightning strikes forced several people out of the water and onto the sand. Minutes later, tragedy happened.

“I couldn’t see when the exact event happened. The only thing I heard was an explosion, like dynamite. At first I thought it had just hit a child. But there were three.”

García further detailed the immediate response: “I contacted 911 while I saw a group of people giving first aid to young people.

“As thunder continued to fall, what we heard was people saying ‘put them inside’ and there they brought the first one and put him on a table. He was in complete shock. Little by little they brought the remaining two to the inn and treated them as best they could until the paramedics arrived.”

The video capturing this terrifying moment has gone viral on social media platform X. However, has decided not to share the disturbing footage.

Agent Alexis Galarza is investigating the events, under the supervision of Sergeant José Ruiz Ruiz, assigned to the Isabela District.

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