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Tenerife terror as woman’s dismembered body found in sea with plastic bag over head

Emily Hudson By Emily Hudson May25,2024

Police in Tenerife are investigating the gruesome discovery in the sea of a dead woman with a bag tied over her head.

Walkers in the area of Arico called the emergency services after spotting a body near rocks.

There is no information yet as to the woman’s age or nationality.

However, it has been confirmed that she had a plastic bag secured over her head.

Other reports say the body had been dismembered and the hands were missing.

For this reason, police say they suspect foul play with a crime having been committed. A full investigation has been opened.

The horrific discovery was made on Saturday in Arico which is on the south coast of Tenerife.

The body was floating in the sea near the districts of La Jaca and La Listadas.

The investigation is being led by the Civil Guard but the courts have currently decreed a secrecy order on further information.

The body has been taken away for forensic examination in Santa Cruz.

The emergency services had to scale down steep rocks to reach the body and then drag it back up to the clifftop using ropes.

Emily Hudson

By Emily Hudson

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  1. It’s truly heartbreaking to hear about such a horrific crime. The fact that a woman’s body was found dismembered with a plastic bag over her head is beyond comprehension. My thoughts are with the victim and her loved ones during this tragic time.

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