Space Force selects companies to develop concepts for simulated space war training range

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun15,2024

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Space Force announced the selection of six companies to develop proposals for a electromagnetic warfare (EW) training range designed to simulate space combat scenarios.

In a statement May 22, the Space Force said this specialized environment will be crucial for training service personnel, known as guardians, to defend critical satellites and other spacecraft from electronic attacks. Satellites rely on electromagnetic signals for communication, navigation, and data transmission, making them vulnerable to jamming and cyberattacks.

The chief of space operations Gen. Chance Saltzman has stressed guardians need realistic training venues to hone their skills and prepare to counter the types of threats they might face in a contested domain.

The training range project is overseen by the Space Training and Readiness Command (STARCOM) and the Space Systems Command (SSC). 

Six-month study contracts

Six companies — Nou Systems, ExoAnalytic Solutions, TMC Design, HII Mission Technologies, Parsons Government Services, and Lockheed Martin — in late February received six-month contracts for concept development.

The EW training range is part of a broader Space Force initiative called the Operational Test and Training Infrastructure (OTTI) program, managed by STARCOM and SSC. OTTI aims to establish a comprehensive training environment for guardians, encompassing high-fidelity simulators, virtual and augmented reality tools for immersive training experiences, and specialized facilities designed to test specific equipment and tactics.

The Space Force did not disclose the value of the contracts or the timeline for selecting a final design. According to the announcement, the studies focus on “risk reduction” effort as the Space Force implements the OTTI plan.

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  1. It’s crucial to provide realistic training environments for guardians to effectively defend satellites from electronic attacks. This initiative by the Space Force demonstrates a proactive approach to enhancing space combat readiness.

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