South Korea considers military tech alliance with UK, Australia and USA

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun3,2024

South Korea is mulling joining the tech-focused military partnership known as AUKUS – which stands for Australia, UK, and US – according to South Korean Defense Minister Shin Won-sik.

The discussions took place during a two day meeting between South Korean and Australian representatives in Melbourne.

The original AUKUS agreement struck last year saw the UK and the United States agree to provide Australia with submarines powered by American nuclear technology, a move aimed squarely at countering China’s growing military footprint.

Through ‘AUKUS Pillar 2’, partners stands could collaborate more broadly on an array of security technologies including artificial intelligence, electronic warfare and hypersonic systems.

Speaking on the potential inclusion within this segment, Minister Shin celebrated the invitation extended to South Korea by the three established AUKUS members.

“We do welcome that AUKUS members are considering Korea as an AUKUS Pillar 2 partner and Korea’s defense science and technology capabilities will contribute to the peace and stability of the development of AUKUS Pillar 2 and regional peace,” noted Shin via a translator.

Japan too, seems to be gearing towards formal talks to join the technology development and sharing components of AUKUS Pillar 2.

Richard Marles, Australia’s Defence Minister, has expressed his support for South Korea’s attempts to strengthen its ties with Japan. This comes as part of the Quad security dialogue, which also includes Australia, the United States, and India.

“We see this is a very, very positive step forward in the strategic landscape of the region and represents a huge opportunity for Australia to engage with both Korea and Japan,” Marles informed the press.

“Korea and Australia are working together to uphold the rules-based order within our region and, in fact, within the world,” added Marles.

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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2 thoughts on “South Korea considers military tech alliance with UK, Australia and USA”
  1. What impact will South Korea’s potential inclusion in the AUKUS Pillar 2 have on the regional defense dynamics?

    1. South Korea’s potential inclusion in the AUKUS Pillar 2 could significantly enhance the regional defense dynamics. By collaborating on cutting-edge security technologies like artificial intelligence and hypersonic systems, South Korea, along with the UK, Australia, and the USA, would strengthen their collective defense capabilities against emerging security threats.

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