Small dogs are a big problem for posties, as Australia Post reports over 55 attacks a week

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun3,2024
Australia Post warns it won’t deliver mail to addresses with aggressive dogs, as it tries to curb an alarming jump in attacks.
More than 55 posties a week are being attacked by dogs while on the job, with the postal service saying small breeds are the most notorious.

Australia Post’s dog safety awareness website reports an average of 1,000 dog attacks a year.

But new data released on Monday reveals 1,420 dog-related incidents have occurred in the last six months alone — with some requiring serious medical attention.
Queensland continues to record the highest number of incidents with 466 incidents in the past six months, followed by NSW with 408 and Western Australia with 215.
Australia Post general manager of safety and wellbeing, Rod Maule, called on dog owners to take responsibility for their pets.
“Posties will not make a delivery if it is unsafe for them to do so and will cease deliveries to a customer’s home until the danger is fixed,” Maule said on Monday.

“Our team members just want to be able to deliver for our customers, without being attacked, harassed, or chased by dogs.”

Australia Post data has found that half of all incidents are taking place on customers’ properties, with almost a third occurring at the front door.
Dog bites are the greatest concern, with 15 per cent of incidents happening when posties try to deliver mail to the letterbox.
Australia Post’s dog safety awareness website urges people to restrain, distract or confine their dogs during postal deliveries, or consider installing a large, secure letterbox for parcel deliveries.
Despite the warnings, the website says over 300 posties receive medical attention for dog attacks each year, with some requiring surgery.
Australia Post reports dog-related incidents to relevant local councils to pursue enforcement action against owners.

With additional reporting from Australian Associated Press.

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