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Six people arrested amid stand-off between pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel rallies in Melbourne

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun8,2024
Key Points
  • Police separated the two different rallies in Melbourne’s CBD, initially placing a barrier between protesters.
  • Six people were arrested on various charges, including assaulting police and hindering police.
  • All six were released pending summons.
Six people have been arrested during a tense protest stand-off in Melbourne as activists clashed with police who separated two rival demonstrations.
Victoria Police estimate 7,000 people attended either a pro-Israeli demonstration outside state parliament or the pro-Palestinian counter-protest about 100m further along Spring Street on Sunday afternoon.

The pro-Palestinian protest began at the State Library of Victoria earlier in the day before some supporters relocated to the top of the city.

A large group of protesters on the steps of a library, many waving Palestinian flags.

The pro-Palestinain protest started at the State Library of Victoria. Source: AAP / Con Chronis

The two groups were initially separated by dozens of officers who set up a barrier around the pro-Israeli protest, but police ranks quickly grew as tensions escalated across several hours.

At least one person briefly went over the police barrier as several others clashed with officers, with the mounted branch venturing out into the pro-Palestinian protest at one point.
Outside parliament, a large crowd including some waving Israeli flags attended a rally organisers said was intended to promote social cohesion and stand against hate and antisemitism.

Former Victorian premier Ted Baillieu, state Liberal MP David Southwick and political figure Warren Mundine were among those who attended the rally organised by a “Christian grassroots movement”.

A group of people holding Israeli flags in the middle of a street.

A large crowd of protesters, including some waving Israeli flags, attended a rally outside parliament reportedly organised by a “Christian grassroots movement”. Source: AAP / Con Chronis

A video message from Opposition leader Peter Dutton was played to the crowd. “In the battle against antisemitism in Australia, I say to Australians of Jewish faith, you are not alone,” Dutton said in the message.

Victoria Police said organisers notified them of both events and officers formed lines to “prevent violence” between the two groups when the counter-protest started.
The six arrests related to various charges including assaulting police and hindering police, with all people released pending summons.

“Victoria Police respects the right for people to protest lawfully however we ask that they do so peacefully without impacting the broader community,” the force said in a statement.

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  1. It’s concerning to see such tensions and clashes at these rallies. Dialogue and peaceful protest are essential for addressing differences and promoting understanding.

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