Shot fired at police as three Brits held and 36 guns seized in Spanish major drugs raid

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jul11,2024

Police were fired at during a major joint Spanish and British operation against suspected drug traffickers supplying the UK.

Three British nationals have been arrested and 36 firearms seized as part of the joint Spanish National Police and British National Crime Agency (NCA) operation.

Armed officers were deployed to 36-year-old Anthony Finnigan’s property in Murcia, Spain.

Finnigan is suspected by the NCA of being part of a British organised crime group, based in the Murcia area, responsible for trafficking class A drugs through Spain to the UK.

An NCA spokesperson said: “He emerged from the property accompanied by another British national, Hasan Topal, 35, and a firearm was discharged in the direction of the attending officers.

“Warning shots were then fired by the officers and both men were detained without sustaining any injuries.”

Two other men were arrested at the property – 33-year-old Brit Ediz Can and Ahmed Mhanni, 32, from Morocco.

During a thorough search of the property, officers discovered 36 viable firearms, primarily Walthers and Heckler & Kochs, and 755 9mm bullets.

All four men were taken to custody and remanded after the raid on June 20.

Finnigan was further arrested as he is wanted by Merseyside Police in connection to drug supply offences in the UK. Once the Spanish National Police’s enquiries conclude, proceedings to get him back to the UK to face these charges will begin.

Neil Keeping, NCA Regional Manager for Spain, said: “The NCA’s international network played a key role in support of the Spanish National Police operation that saw four men arrested and dangerous weapons seized.

“These firearms are likely to have been destined for the UK criminal market, so taking them out of circulation marks a huge success.

“Suppressing the availability of illegal firearms in the UK, and preventing their use or acquisition by criminals, is a top priority for the NCA and its law enforcement partners.”

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