Shocking moment Vladimir Putin’s troops are wiped out by deadly missile strike

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun13,2024

In a significant blow to Russian forces, over 100 troops were reportedly killed in a deadly Ukrainian missile strike on a military training ground in occupied Luhansk.

Footage circulating on social media shows a devastating attack using the American-produced Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) that rained hundreds of M74 APAM mini-bombs onto the site, causing multiple explosions and widespread destruction.

The targeted strike, occurring some 48 miles behind the frontline, was aimed at a group of more than 100 soldiers observed in aerial imagery, according to open-source intelligence (OSINT) analysts.

“Geolocation footage suggests that Ukrainian forces struck a Russian training ground southwest of Mozhnyakovka, killing 116 Russian troops,” reported the Institute for the Study of War.

This powerful assault follows the delivery of a batch of ATACMS to Ukraine as part of a $61 billion military aid package approved by the US Congress.

The attack underscores Ukraine‘s growing capability to carry out high-impact strikes deep into Russian-held territory.

The strike on the training ground wasn’t the only recent setback for Russian forces. Another dramatic video captured the destruction of a Buk missile launcher and its charger armed with six missiles.

The mobile system had been concealed near trees on the edge of a field in the direction of Sumy, but it could not evade the precision strike.

However, Ukraine also faced retaliatory attacks from Russia. Footage showed an IRIS-T medium-range infrared homing ground-to-air system struck by two Russian Kh-35 missiles.

Moscow’s defence ministry also released video evidence purporting to show the explosion of two US-made HIMARS missile complexes as they moved along a road.

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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2 thoughts on “Shocking moment Vladimir Putin’s troops are wiped out by deadly missile strike”
  1. It’s truly alarming that Putin’s troops fell victim to such a devastating missile strike. The increasing capabilities of Ukrainian forces to conduct such precise attacks demonstrate a significant shift in the power dynamics of the conflict.

  2. It’s a tragic development to see the loss of over 100 troops in a single strike. The increasing sophistication of Ukrainian forces is concerning for the Russian military. Hopefully, diplomatic solutions can prevent further escalation of this conflict.

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