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Shocking moment Hezbollah leader’s car blown up in deadly IDF strike

Samantha Parker By Samantha Parker May20,2024

A video circulating on social media captured the moment an Israeli drone strike hit the car of a Hezbollah leader, leading to a deadly explosion.

In the footage, the car is seen traveling through a narrow street in Aadloun, near Tyre, when it is suddenly engulfed in flames following an explosion.

The Israeli military confirmed that two top Hezbollah operatives were killed in separate airstrikes.

In the morning’s drone strike in Aadloun, Hussein Azqul, a “central terrorist” in Hezbollah’s air defence unit, was killed. According to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Azqul was “heavily involved in the activities of the [air defence unit] and took part in the planning and execution of a variety of terror activities.”

The IDF also claimed that his death is a “significant blow” to Hezbollah’s air defence unit.

The overnight strike in southern Lebanon targeted Muhammad Attiya, a member of Hezbollah’s elite Radwan force’s aerial unit.

The IDF says that Attiya was “involved in the preparation and execution of terrorist attacks” against Israel.

Hezbollah confirmed the deaths of both Azqul and Attiya, referring to them as martyrs killed “on the road to Jerusalem,” a term used for operatives slain in Israeli strikes.

These recent deaths have increased the terror group’s casualty count amid the ongoing war in Gaza to 287.

Hezbollah said it retaliated with an attack on an Israeli base near the city of Acre, which is farther south than its usual targets.

The attack was a response to the Israeli airstrike that killed Azqul. It targeted a location about 15 kilometers (nine miles) from the border, marking one of the deepest strikes by Hezbollah since the Gaza war began.

These incidents occur amid escalating clashes along the Lebanon-Israel border, as Israel continues its war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

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2 thoughts on “Shocking moment Hezbollah leader’s car blown up in deadly IDF strike”
  1. It’s devastating to see the escalation of violence with the loss of lives on both sides. The situation in the Middle East remains volatile, and the cycle of retaliation only leads to more suffering for innocent civilians.

  2. Was the drone strike a targeted assassination or part of a broader military operation?

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