Senate Armed Services Committee advances 2025 defense policy bill 

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun18,2024

WASHINGTON — The Senate Armed Services Committee on June 14 cleared its version of the fiscal year 2025 National Defense Authorization Act. The bill is now headed to the Senate floor. The legislation, which has yet to be released in full, includes compromise language on a long-standing dispute over the transfer of Air National Guard space units to the active-duty Space Force.

According to an executive summary released by the committee, the bill navigates the contentious issue of how to integrate existing Air National Guard space operations into the Space Force. 

Also on Friday the House passed its own version of the NDAA. However, the House bill carries significant baggage in the form of controversial social policy amendments, setting the stage for a likely showdown with the Democratic-controlled Senate.

These partisan riders, championed by House Republicans, touch on hot-button issues such as abortion access for service members, diversity initiatives, and gender-affirming care. Democrats said their inclusion threatens to upend the typically bipartisan nature of the defense authorization process.

Space policy provisions in the SASC bill:

Requires the U.S. Air Force to transfer certain space functions of the Air National Guard to the U.S. Space Force. But such transfer should not reduce the end strength for the affected state Air National Guard organizations.

Requires DoD to convene private equity firms to discuss opportunities in the competition space and address “adversarial predatory investment strategies.”

Authorizes DOD to identify poor-performing contractors and require approval for additional contracts.

Authorizes the designation of a Program Executive Office for space-based air and ground moving target indication.

Directs a review of DOD efforts to acquire new moving target indicator capabilities and programs.

Authorizes the establishment of a Commercial Augmentation Space Reserve program and requires a report on commercial insurance for DoD space support services.

Requires DOD to designate a Program Executive Officer for Space Command, Control, and Integration to acquire a system to support a combined operations center at the National Space Defense Center.

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