Russia vows to ‘kill operators’ as ‘extremely dangerous’ Ukraine drones cause major damage

Samantha Parker By Samantha Parker Jun3,2024

Russia has vowed to “kill the operators” of the silent Ukraine‘s Baba Yaga drones in yet another chilling warning as the war rages on.

Dmitry Rogozin, the former head of Russia‘s space agency, said forces operating in southern Ukraine are adjusting their defensive tactics to counter the evolving capabilities of Kyiv’s advanced attack drones.

Acknowledging the increased sophistication of Ukraine‘s Baba Yaga drones, Rogozin stated the opposition has enhanced the range and stealth capabilities of these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

But Rogozin warned in a post on the messaging app Telegram: “We’ll destroy them later, when we’ve studied their habits, routes and tactics.

“The main thing is not to shoot down the drones, but to kill their operators by finding their hiding place.”

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Rogozin outlined that Russian forces are using night-vision cameras positioned around their positions to detect the incoming UAVs, rather than relying on auditory cues.

He added: “The drones were inaudible, but clearly visible in the thermal imaging scopes at a distance of several kilometers.”

The Baba Yaga drones, deployed in pairs alongside first-person-view (FPV) drones, have been branded as “extremely dangerous” for Russian troops by Rogozin.

These drones, thought to be modified agricultural UAVs, pose a significant challenge for Russian forces.


While Russia is attempting to develop its own equivalent drone, it currently lacks an analogue to the Baba Yagas.

“This is no longer a remodeling of an agrarian drone into a combat drone, but a separate type of heavy helicopter-type UAV with electric engines and a powerful battery to increase its range,” Rogozin explained.

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has spurred rapid and innovative drone development, with both Kyiv and Moscow striving to outpace each other. Drones play a crucial role across the battlefield, serving purposes such as intelligence gathering, guiding artillery strikes, and delivering payloads.

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2 thoughts on “Russia vows to ‘kill operators’ as ‘extremely dangerous’ Ukraine drones cause major damage”
  1. How do the Baba Yaga drones compare to other advanced attack drones used in warfare? Are there any specific countermeasures being developed to combat these drones more effectively?

    1. The Baba Yaga drones, as mentioned by Rogozin, are considered “extremely dangerous” due to their increased range and stealth capabilities. Compared to other advanced attack drones, they pose a significant challenge for Russian forces. In response to this threat, Russian forces are adapting their defensive tactics by using night-vision cameras to detect these drones and focusing on killing the operators rather than shooting down the UAVs. This approach aims to disrupt the enemy’s control and communication, ultimately neutralizing the threat effectively.

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