Russia strikes Ukraine children’s hospital after launching hypersonic missile attack

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jul8,2024

Russian missiles struck a children’s hospital in Kyiv and killed at least ten people in the Ukrainian capital today, authorities said, while another attack in the central Ukrainian city of Kryvyi Rih killed at least 10 people.

The daylight attack included Kinzhal hypersonic missiles, one of the most advanced Russian weapons, the air force said. The Kinzhal flies at ten times the speed of sound, making it hard to intercept.

The Kyiv city administration reported falling debris, presumably from intercepted missiles, starting fires in the Solomianskyi, Dniprovskyi, and Holosiivskyi districts of Kyiv. Smoke rose from several neighbourhoods in the capital.

There was no immediate word on casualties at Okhmatdyt Children’s Hospital in Kyiv, Ukraine’s biggest children’s medical facility. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said an “unknown” number had been killed and injured.

Vsevolod Dorofieiev, the senior instructor of a volunteer medical unit, said some people had died but did not say how many or whether they were children or adults.

The Kyiv city administration reported falling debris, presumably from intercepted missiles, starting fires in a handful of Kyiv areas. Thick plumes of smoke rose from several Kyiv neighbourhoods.

The head of Ukraine’s presidential office, Andrii Yermal, said the attack occurred when many people were in the city’s streets.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said a children’s hospital had been hit, as did internal affairs minister Ihor Klymenko.

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko said ambulances were heading to the Solomianskyi district, posting on the Telegram app: “Explosions in Kyiv! Details later. Don’t leave the shelters!”

Serhiy Popko, chief of the Kyiv City Military Administration, put the death toll at five, while another reported ten.

Explosions were also reported by local officials in Ukraine’s central Dnipropetrovsk region.

A two-story building at the children’s hospital was partly destroyed.

On the hospital’s main 10-story building, windows and doors were blown out and walls were blackened.

Real Kyiv Ukraine blog posted: ”As a result of a missile attack on Kyiv, debris was recorded in the capital’s Solomyansk district. Information about the destruction and victims is being clarified.”

Ukraine‘s President Volodymyr Zelensky, posting on X, said: “Russian terrorists have once again launched a massive missile attack on Ukraine.

“Different cities – Kyiv, Dnipro, Kryvyi Rih, Slovyansk, Kramatorsk. More than 40 missiles of various types. Apartment buildings, infrastructure, and a children’s hospital have been damaged. All services are engaged to rescue as many people as possible.

“And the entire world must use all its determination to finally put an end to the Russian strikes. Killing is what Putin brings. Only together can we bring real peace and security.”

Mr Zelensky later said his country was calling for the UN Security Council to discuss the Russian missile strikes.

Mr Klymenko said the attack “once again proved that Russia is a country of terrorists and freaks”.

At least seven people in Kyiv had been killed with 25 more injured, he added.

He continued: “Our services on the ground are doing everything to rescue from the rubble and provide assistance to people. The Russians also attacked the Dnipro, Kryvyi Rih, and Donetsk regions.

“In total, as a result of the morning attack of the Russian Federation on Ukraine, about 20 people died, about fifty were injured.”

On Telegram, Oleksandr Vilkul, Head of the Ukrainian Military Administration of Kryvyi Rih, claimed 10 people in the region had been killed, with 31 more injured, adding: “All emergency, utility and medical units are working.”

The attack comes on the eve of a three-day NATO summit in Washington. That summit will look at how to reassure Ukraine of the alliance’s unwavering support and offer Ukrainians hope that their country can come through Europe’s biggest conflict since World War II.

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