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Rediscover Eurovision gems from the past with our random song selector

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell May22,2024
Eurovision has had the beautiful, bold and bizarre throughout its history and this year’s contest in Malmö, Sweden will be no different.
Some 26 countries will be in the Grand Final at the Malmö Arena, from the first semi-final with their song One Milkali (One Blood).
Acts including Lulu (UK), Nana Mouskouri (Greece) and Baccara (Spain) have taken part in the competition over the years, and the SBS News random song selector gives you the chance to rediscover the best — and the worst — of the Eurovision archives.

Click the button for a video from Eurovision history, or select your favourite country and listen back to all their entries.

The Eurovision Grand Final will be broadcast live on SBS at 5am AEST on Sunday 12 May and repeated at 7.30pm. It will also be available on .
Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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One thought on “Rediscover Eurovision gems from the past with our random song selector”
  1. I absolutely adore Eurovision! It’s fascinating to see the diverse range of performances and songs throughout the years. Can’t wait to use the random song selector to rediscover some hidden gems from the past!

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