‘Racism at its finest’: Emma Donovan says she was refused service by multiple taxis at Perth airport

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun6,2024
Acclaimed singer Emma Donovan has alleged she was refused service by several taxis at Perth airport due to racism.

The Naaguja Yamatji Gumbayngirr performer had arrived into Perth on Friday last week following a successful album launch in Melbourne.

Approaching the cab rank, Donovan said she was refused service by the first driver in the line, initially thinking it was due to the fact she wasn’t going far.
“I said to the next cab, ‘are you right to go to Vic Park?’ No. Again, just immediate, no. And then I said, ‘Oh, why? What’s the problem here?’ And he didn’t want to talk to me or answer me,” she said.

“I quickly got the got the feeling … that it wasn’t about the fare, and that it was about my skin, you know, and it was about the colour of me,” Ms Donovan said.

The performer said she soon noticed other travellers being picked up by cabs at the stand.
“By that time, I was so upset, and I realised why he didn’t want to take me,” she said.
“There was the comment made as well … that they don’t take my kind.
“I knew it was because of the colour of my skin. And I stood there, and I nearly cried.”
“Even just talking and repeating about this whole incident, it’s just brought me to tears. I was ignored.”
Perth Airport has said it will assist Ms Donovan to lodge a complaint with the state’s taxi regulator, the Department of Transport.
If the drivers are identified and found to be at fault, they could face fines of up to $3000 dollars.

Ms Donovan was in Melbourne to launch her new album, ‘Til My Song is Done’.

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