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Putin’s Troops Using ‘Illegal Gas’ on Battlefield in Last-Ditch Effort to Secure Victory in Ukraine Conflict

Emily Hudson By Emily Hudson May16,2024

Russia has been increasingly turning to using “illegal” tear gas against Ukrainian forces to secure an advantage at the front, Kyiv has claimed.

Ukraine‘s military previously accused Moscow’s forces of repeatedly breaching the Geneva Protocol by using chemical weapons and doubled down on its accusations this week.

Colonel Serhii Pakhomov, the acting head of Kyiv’s atomic, biological, and chemical defence forces, claimed Russia had been caught deploying riot control gas – which is also banned under the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Pakhomov said his officers had recorded Russian forces using the banned riot control gas on at least 900 occasions over the past six months, saying the use had hit “systemic” levels.

The Ukrainian officer said Russia has primarily been using hand grenades loaded with CS, CN and other gases on the battlefield.

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Emily Hudson

By Emily Hudson

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2 thoughts on “Putin’s Troops Using ‘Illegal Gas’ on Battlefield in Last-Ditch Effort to Secure Victory in Ukraine Conflict”
  1. It is appalling that Putin’s troops are resorting to such illegal tactics in the conflict. The use of banned tear gas and riot control agents only escalates the violence and puts countless lives at risk. Russia must be held accountable for these blatant violations of international treaties.

  2. It’s truly outrageous that Putin’s troops are resorting to such despicable tactics on the battlefield. The use of ‘illegal’ tear gas and banned riot control gas shows their desperation and disregard for international norms. Ukraine is facing an uphill battle against such blatant violations of the Geneva Protocol. This must be condemned by the global community.

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