Putin humiliated after protesters take revenge on Russia for children’s hospital attack

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jul11,2024

Anti-Vladimir Putin activists carried out a spectacular protest at the Russian Embassy in Washington during the NATO conference.

Leaders from around the world are gathered in the US city for a three-day summit to discuss beefing up security plans.

The conference comes in the wake of a brutal missile strike launched by Putin’s army on Ukraine on Monday.

A children’s hospital was hit and destroyed by Russian missiles during an aerial bombardment of the country that killed at least 41 people and injured more than 140.

In response, furious protesters in Washington used a laser light to beam the words “Child Killers” onto the Russian Embassy building in Washington, pictures from a post on Telegram show.

Two people were killed at the Ohmatdyt Hospital as a result of the deadly strike and about 50 were injured, including seven children

The 10-story hospital was Ukraine’s largest medical facility for children, and was caring for 627 patients at the time of the attack.

Surgeons were carrying out operations when the missile hit the medical facility.

Paediatric surgeon Oleh Holubchenko told The Associated Press he was operating on a baby with congenital face defects and that he and his team decided to continue despite the blast of air sirens.

He said: “We couldn’t stop halfway through.”

The missile strike’s shockwave sent him hurtling across the operating theatre. Shrapnel caused him minor injuries and pierced the infant’s ventilator.

The baby, still with an open wound, had to be transported to another Kyiv hospital, where they finished the surgery.

Investigators at Bellingcat identified the missile which struck the hospital as a Kh-101 cruise missile.

Video images shared to social media channels showed the moment the lethal missile struck the building.

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