POLL: Should Emmanuel Macron resign after losing French elections?

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jul8,2024

French president Emmanuel Macron’s electoral gamble did not go to plan as his Ensemble centrist coalition was beaten by the left-wing New Popular Front.

However, despite losing its place in the National Assembly as the largest party, the parliamentary election did not go as badly as Macron’s camp feared.

Paris erupted into chaos with far right supporters rioting in the streets of the French capital on Sunday night.

Going into the first round of voting, National Rally, led by Marine Le Pen, was riding high in the polls following a triumphant European election in early June.

The party, branded far-right by its critics, came top following the first round of voting and appeared well placed to win the second round – albeit an outright victory always appeared unlikely.

Le Pen’s pole position prompted the New Popular Front and Ensemble to work together to try to minimise the number of seats National Rally could win.

In seats where one of the left-wing and centrist coalitions could beat Le Pen’s outfit, the other would stand down their candidate to make it a straight shootout between National Rally and either the New Popular Front or Ensemble.

The ploy worked, and saw the New Popular Front win an unlikely victory taking 188 seats, followed by Ensemble on 161 and National Rally on 142.

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Although Macron’s coalition, in cahoots with the left, managed to prevent National Rally becoming the largest party, his decision to call a snap election has ushered in a period of instability and political paralysis.

It is unclear who will be made French PM as it requires a majority of members of the National Assembly to approve the president’s appointment.

It is likely that the Macron will have to appease the new left-wing forces in the parliament, who have previously opposed his economic reforms.

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