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POLL: Do you think all EU nationalists are ‘hidden Brexiteers’? Vote here

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell May20,2024

Ahead of the upcoming European elections, French President Emmanuel Macron denounced European nationalists, branding them “hidden Brexiteers” and “bank robbers”.

His remarks come as polling suggests a surge in support for Eurosceptic parties, raising concerns about the future direction of the European Union.

Macron’s sharp criticism aims to galvanize pro-European voters and prevent nationalist forces from gaining ground in the upcoming elections.

As the EU’s future hangs in the balance, voters are left to ponder the question: Are all EU nationalists “hidden Brexiteers”?

Tell us what you think by voting in our poll below or clicking on this link.

Macron’s scathing comments underscore the high stakes of the June 9 elections, where Eurosceptic nationalists opposed to Brussels’ growing influence are expected to make significant gains at the expense of pro-European parties.

With France’s far-right National Rally, led by Marine Le Pen, gaining momentum, Macron’s rhetoric is aimed at rallying his supporters and cautioning voters about the risks posed by nationalist movements.

“I say to Europeans: Wake up. Wake up! They are hidden Brexiteers,” Macron told the Economist, emphasising his belief that all European nationalists share a common thread of opposition to the EU’s values and goals.

“All European nationalists are hidden Brexiteers. It’s all the same lies,” he added.

Continuing his attack, Macron warned that giving power to nationalist parties would be akin to entrusting “the bank to robbers.” He further accused Le Pen of hypocrisy, suggesting that while she reaps the benefits of EU membership, she also seeks to undermine it.

Polling data from France highlights the shifting political landscape, with Le Pen’s National Rally, part of the Identity & Democracy bloc, polling at 32 percent, a significant lead over Macron’s liberal Renew Europe group, which stands at 18 percent.

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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2 thoughts on “POLL: Do you think all EU nationalists are ‘hidden Brexiteers’? Vote here”
  1. As an ardent supporter of the European Union, I fully agree with President Macron’s strong stance against nationalist forces. It’s crucial for pro-European voters to unite and prevent the rise of ‘hidden Brexiteers’ within the EU. Let’s stand together to uphold European values and protect the future of our union.

  2. I find Macron’s comments quite divisive. Painting all EU nationalists as ‘hidden Brexiteers’ is simplistic and unfair. Nationalist movements have different motivations and goals beyond just opposing the EU. It’s important to acknowledge and address the concerns of these groups rather than dismiss them outright.

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