Pennsylvania governor eyes solar power for 50 percent of state agencies

Jamie Roberts By Jamie Roberts Jun10,2024

Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro (D) announced Tuesday the state’s efforts to make half of all state agencies run on solar power.

The Pennsylvania Project to Utilize Light and Solar Energy (PA PULSE), plans to get the state of Pennsylvania to have 50 percent of its electricity from ten new solar plants around the state.

The initiative would make Pennsylvania the first state in the country to commit to generating half its energy from solar power, Shapiro’s news release said.

“The historic PA Pulse initiative, which began under the previous Administration, is proof that we can do both —investing in reliable, affordable power in the long-term,” Shapiro said in a statement.

Under the plan, Shapiro said his administration will create energy jobs and “take real action” to address climate change. Consumers will pay less on their bills and the plan will ensure the state “maintains its energy independence” in the future, he said.

The Department of General Services has entered a contract with energy company Constellation. The 15-year fixed price contract will keep the rate the same, even if energy costs rise.

Constellation CEO Joe Dominguez said in a statement the company is proud to partner with Shapiro on the project “to power vital state agencies with clean energy and keep the Commonwealth on course to a carbon-free future.”

Shapiro’s plan, the release said, will create more than 14,500 jobs in the state. The initiative would thrust Pennsylvania to the leading spot in the nation using renewable energy, beating out states like California and Texas.

The ten solar arrays will be in six different counties and will supply 361,000 megawatt-hours of electricity annually to 16 different state agencies.

The state’s larger energy plan will reduce the state’s carbon footprint by 157,800 metric tons of CO2 each year, the equivalent of 34,000 gas-powered cars, the release said.

Jamie Roberts

By Jamie Roberts

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2 thoughts on “Pennsylvania governor eyes solar power for 50 percent of state agencies”
  1. It’s great to see Gov. Shapiro taking bold steps towards renewable energy with the PA PULSE initiative. By committing to solar power, Pennsylvania can set an example for other states to follow in the transition to clean energy sources. This will not only create jobs but also help in the fight against climate change. Kudos to the efforts to secure a sustainable future!

  2. Isn’t it impressive that Pennsylvania is aiming to have half of its state agencies powered by solar energy? How do you think this strategy will impact other states’ approach to clean energy initiatives?

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