Enroll in ‘Global Entry’ Program on the Spot at U.S. Airports!

Alex Thompson By Alex Thompson Jun14,2024

SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — U.S. Customs and Border Protection is offering “Enrollment upon Arrival” at many airports such as San Diego International Airport for its Global Entry program.

The program allows pre-approved, low-risk travelers arriving on international flights to skip CBP inspection lines.

All that is needed for conditional approval into the program is a valid passport, driver’s license and a document that shows residency in the United States such as a utility or credit card bill.

Once a traveler is conditionally approved, a future interview is no longer required. The traveler can complete the enrollment interview when arriving on an international flight. 

Sample of a Global Entry card. (Courtesy: U.S. Customs and Border Protection)

CBP officers at airports, such as San Diego International, will interview and collect the traveler’s biometrics to complete the enrollment. This can be accomplished after clearing CBP processing.

As an added benefit, according to CBP, Global Entry members are also eligible to participate in the TSA Pre✓™ expedited screening program, which allows travelers the use of special lanes that don’t require shoe removal and other requisites when going through TSA screening for both international and domestic flights.

Cost to enroll in the program is $100 and is good for five years.

Alex Thompson

By Alex Thompson

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2 thoughts on “Enroll in ‘Global Entry’ Program on the Spot at U.S. Airports!”
  1. I think enrolling in the ‘Global Entry’ program on the spot at U.S. airports is a fantastic idea. It saves so much time and hassle for travelers, especially those who fly internationally frequently. The process seems straightforward with just the need for a valid passport and a few other documents for approval. This will definitely make traveling much more convenient for many people.

  2. I think the Global Entry program is a fantastic opportunity for frequent travelers. Being able to skip the long CBP inspection lines is very convenient. I like that once conditionally approved, there’s no need for a separate interview, making the process much smoother and efficient. The added benefit of being eligible for TSA Pre✓™ is a great perk as well, especially for those who travel often. The cost of $100 for five years seems reasonable considering the time and hassle it can save you in the long run.

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